Opportunity Youth Service Initiative

The Opportunity Youth Service Initiative (OYSI) is a green-building crew that specializes in weatherization projects for low-income clients.

OYSI’s projects focus on energy-efficiency, sustainability, water conservation, and handicap accessibility.

Services Provided by OYSI

  • Complete Energy Assessments
  • Blow Dry Cellulose Insulation
  • Construct and Install Solar Screens
  • Install Rain Water Collectors
  • Install Ridge-Cap Vents
  • Xeriscaping
  • Sealing Penetrations with Caulk and Weather-Stripping
  • Dry-Wall Installation (Tape and Float)
  • Install Metal Roof
  • Construct ADA Approved Ramps
  • Other Minor Home Repairs

Completed Texas Ramp Project

Projects and Partnerships

Since its inception, American Youth Works’ OYSI continues to make a tremendous impact in the community.

OYSI partners with many organizations: Casa Verde Builders, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels and More, A Nurtured World, One House at a Time, Texas Ramp Project, and ReEnergize Texas. Through these partnerships, CESC completes many service projects while developing a diverse set of skills.

Casa Verde Builders

OYSI works hand-in-hand with Casa Verde Builders, performing many weatherization tasks:

· Blowing dry cellulose fiber insulation

· Sealing gaps and penetrations in interior walls

· Xeriscaping

Austin Habitat for Humanity

OYSI has worked on many service projects with HFH’s “A Brush with Kindness” program, performing general construction duties as well as various weatherization tasks:

· Constructing and installing solar screens

· Installing ridge vents

· Sealed exterior leaks around windows

Meals on Wheels and More

Through Meals on Wheels’ “Handy Wheels” program, OYSI performs projects, ranging from construction of handicap accessibility ramps, to installation of A/C window units.

A Nurtured World: One House at a Time

OYSI’s participation in a consumer education seminar with A Nurtured World facilitates educating the general public about the importance of energy-efficiency and sustainability in the home.

Additionally, volunteer efforts with 1House at a Time affords OYSI the opportunity to help low-income residents reduce their energy bills and weatherize their homes.

· Installing energy-efficient appliances

· Replacing older light bulbs with CFLs

· Sealing penetrations around A/C registers and around outlets

Texas Ramp Project

OYSI helps the Texas Ramp Project complete handicap ramp assignments for low income families in the Austin area. OYSI is trained in ADA codes and regulations applies this knowledge to other handicap accessibility projects.

ReEnergize Texas

This past August, OYSI played a large role in ReEnergize Texas’ Summer of Solutions campaign. OYSI received training from ReEnergize Texas on effective communication techniques and applied that training by canvassing the Montopolis neighborhood on behalf of Austin Energy and their low-income weatherization program.



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